September 18, 2019 - October 19, 2019
at Ta(r)dino 6, Baku.
Curated by Asli Samadova.
In a series of drawings inspired by the interiors of Ta(r)dino 6 Secret Location, Xenia Fink intentionally plays upon our eclectic concepts of art and decor, expectations of femininity, and figuration. The notion of spaces, architecture, or objects which have an intricate design being deemed feminine is still very much alive. Subverting this assumption, while creating a strong union between the art and the interiors as in the Rococo period, resulted in playfully seductive subject matters on folios of papers cascading from the walls and reflected in custom-made mirrors. Continuing to the second room, one finds interior drawings where pictures of a different kind are shown in an animated sequence of hand drawn images: the depicted gestures seem familiar and slowly build a feeling of suspense.