2019, Jan-

Republic of the Other · Gallery 101, Ottawa

January 12, 2019 - February 9, 2019 at Gallery 101, Ottawa
Supported by Goethe Institut Montréal

REPUBLIC OF THE OTHER, a contradiction in itself, reflects our questioning of geographic and national identities defined by borders and boundaries, and is the basis of our research on the attraction to form an entity. Our collaboration started with the urgency to express our resistance against the generalized right wing tendency, with nation states and borders strengthening with great force worldwide and with the conviction that we have something to contribute to the discussion. As a collective, we maintain our individual practices and weave them together into additional collaborative works. We see in our differences the cohesive element.

REPUBLIC OF THE OTHER (RotO) started with Xenia Fink (Saõ Paulo / Berlin) and Jinny Yu (Seoul / Ottawa), a few years after their first meeting at the ISCP New York in 2011. Guillermo Trejo (Mexico / Ottawa) joined the collective in 2016, around the time when Xenia Fink was doing an artist residency at Axenéo7. RotO gathered under the shared experience of feeling foreign everywhere and claiming it as a positive state. Their work have been shown at Kunstpunkt Berlin (Berlin, 2017) and Union Art Fair (Seoul, 2017).


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