2019, Sep-

Interiors - Part 1 · MOMA Baku

September 18, 2019 - October 19, 2019 at MOMA Baku + Ta(r)dino 6

Originally planned by curator Asli Samadova as a show at Tar(d)ino 6, an alternative art space in the historical city center of Baku, the project Interiors expanded to the Museum of Modern Art to become a part of the International Festival of Contemporary Art ‘MAIDEN TOWER. To Be a Woman’. The two chosen venues for the exhibition ‘Interiors’ – a white cube public space in MOMA Baku and the bourgeois interiors of the flat – complement each other. The displayed works invite us to explore the tension between public behaviour, intimate thoughts, and anxieties that are products of our continuous desires.

In the MOMA part of the exhibition, the idea of desire is both direct and loud, spelled out in text renderings across a six-meter-long mural and subtly hinted at in ink drawings that stylistically direct us to the Golden Age of Hollywood. Carefully staged as frames from a movie, these drawings invite the viewer to fill in the gaps and uncertainties.


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