2013, Nov-

Untitled (a)

Animation; digital and analogue drawing, 2:24 min, HD 16:9, Stereo 2.0.

The animation film Untitled (a) consists of numerous short hand-drawn sequences. They are strung together in the manner of the cinéma pur from the 1920s and 1930s and intend less a narration but are a series of indicated gestures, movements and encounters which drift apart on the empty white of the filmic background. Hands grasp into the void, figures appear and thus disappear.
The film describes the feeling of desire and the impossibility of apprehending it.

The language of the drawings striving for tangency echoes in Bernd Schurer's music which is abound in resonant sounds.

Animation stills: ink on paper, ca. 29,7 x 21 cm and digital drawing; 2013.


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To watch the animation in HD please click here: Untitled (a).